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General Contracting Company

Duey Construction, LLC

4390 Van Nuys

Kingman, AZ 86409


Had this contractor bid a new home construction job for us in 2006 and the job was to begin at closing, May 2007. No work was started for several months after closing. Were told by manager of company, Denise Schrum, that the county wouldn't give them the necessary permits, but when we checked, the contractor was holding up the project for no apparent reason. Now, SOME work is "complete" (that's what this company calls it), eight months later. They NEVER return calls, messages or emails, their work is sub-standard if not worse, some of the items they installed were used and did not work so now we are paying someone else to do their job over again. If you want your project done in a timely manner, DO NOT hire this company! If you want what you pay for, DO NOT hire this company! If you want honesty about time and cost, DO NOT hire this company! If you want information regarding YOUR project, DO NOT hire this company. If you want quality work, DO NOT hire this company.

They DO NOT honor their word, they are not truthful in any answer you might be lucky enough to get from them. If you want to have everything done twice at twice the cost, this would be the company for you! We have NEVER experienced such awful business practices and will share each and every one of these OPINIONS with everyone we know, and then some!

Review about: Pressure Tank.



The logo used to represent this company has been stolen and illegally used from a non affiliated builder in another state. I suggest removing this logo from your complaint immediately.


P.S.---If you weren't aware, Duey's licenses have all expired or been revoked. Most likely they are just using a new name. They can sue if they like...we've already won our suit against them.


Pwobbles stands by their word....every claim against this company is completely true.It's difficult to believe they are allowed to continue doing business.

If you want to put your trust in them, by all means, go ahead.Don't say you weren't forewarned!


I had never heard of this site, I then found my former General Contrators on this list.I am here to tell you that who ever this wobbles person is must be a complete lyer!!!

As I have had Duey Construction do numerous jobs on several pieces of property that I purchased in Mohave County and would NEVER hire another contractor to work on any of my projects. This company is the best that I have ever seen (and I have had to hire contractors for the company that I work for in CA that have been million dollar projects these contractors are not as honest and profecent as Duey Constsruction)!!!!

So anyone reading this should disregard wobbles as he,she is not a very truthful person.And I hope that Duey COnstruction sues you for slander as I promise you that I will be the FIRST (and not the only) on the stand to call you a fibber!!!!


Hope it wasn't recently as their contractors licenses are suspended/revoked. Best of luck.


We had Duey Construction perform work for us i.e....septic, garage, patio, water, ect.....We have never had better service, friendlier folks and just down right the best builders I have ever been around.

Kudos to Denise you are the best.Thanks for all your help and knowledge!!!!

to Previous Customer #720008

you must work for them

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